‘Rereading the History of Ideas’—Sydney Intellectual History Network Reading Group

10-12am on Friday, 27 February Rogers Room in the N397, John Woolley Building, next door to the SLAM administrative offices.

We will be discussing Peter Kitson’s Forging Romantic China, specifically the Introduction and chapter 7, “Chinese Gardens, Confucius and The Prelude’. In brief, the book delves into the intellectual, historical and cultural origins of the relationship between Britain and China during the Qing Empire. The chapter takes as its launching point Arthur Lovejoy’s essay ‘The Chinese Origins of Romanticism’. It looks at the writing of William Chambers, Coleridge, a bit of Adam Smith, the Macartney embassy, Wordsworth and Confucian thinking around 1800 (exploring the transition between Enlightenment and Romantic attitudes). If you would like to attend, please contact Professor Jennifer Milam (jennifer.milam@sydney.edu.au). Space is limited.